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Same-Day Doctor Appointments

You've been feeling under the weather for a few days. You don't have time to wait around in an emergency room, and you can't get into see your doctor until next week.

With Brentwood Primary Care, you can schedule same-day appointments with a board certified physician that are available seven days a week! No more waiting around at the ER or having to take off work just to see your doctor.

Same-day appointments with our doctor means no more waiting around at the ER or taking off work just to see your doctor. Get back on track faster by scheduling an appointment today!

Improved Accessibility to Primary Care Services at Brentwood Primary Care

Accessibility to primary care services is an increasingly important aspect of healthcare for many patients. Now, at Brentwood Primary Care, located at 6600 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood, CA, same-day appointments with board-certified family physician Dr. Khatri are available. Let’s explore why same-day appointments are important and how they can benefit you and your family.

The Benefits of Same-Day Appointments

Same-day appointments provide an efficient way for patients to access primary care services when needed. This allows patients to receive timely healthcare services without lengthy wait times or scheduling issues. Same-day appointments are particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic conditions that require regular monitoring and treatment—such as diabetes or high blood pressure—as well as those who need urgent medical attention due to illness or injury.

Same-day appointments also allow for flexibility in scheduling other medical tests and procedures that may not be necessary on the same day but require additional time for scheduling purposes (i.e., lab tests). This provides a convenient way for patients to schedule multiple appointments in a single visit without having to wait days or weeks for each appointment individually. For example, if a patient needs both a physical exam and a flu shot, they can now schedule both on the same day instead of having to make separate trips for each appointment.

In addition, same-day appointments can help reduce wait times when seeking emergency care since patients do not have to wait days or weeks between diagnosis and treatment. This is especially beneficial in cases where prompt medical attention is needed but the situation is not considered an emergency.  For example, if a patient exhibits symptoms of an infection such as a sore throat or earache, they can be seen by Dr Khatri right away instead of waiting several days before getting treatment which could potentially worsen the condition over time.

See the Doctor Today in Brentwood

With convenient access to same-day doctor visits at Brentwood Primary Care with Dr Khatri, you can now get the quick medical attention you need when unexpected health issues arise without worrying about long wait times or scheduling conflicts. If you need prompt medical attention due to illness or injury—or just want more flexibility in scheduling routine checkups and tests—same-day doctor visits offer a great solution that can benefit you and your family in the long run! Call us now at (925) 471-4223.

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